No Separation, No Peace! – Mike Sledge – Xenophobic South African Truck Strike & Worldwide White Genocide... Past to Present

William de Hewitt – September 4, 2019


–This airing we have Mike "Vril" Sledge joining us. Mike is a journalist, writer, researcher and has been active in the independent media for a number of years. We analyze an audio clip by former ANC member, now EFF (Economic Freedom Fighter) Leader Julius Malema, which concerns non-South African black on South African black violence and xenophobia. Black South Africans are threatening a strike against all South African truck drivers as of this past Monday. We discuss various genocides jews have committed against the Aryan Race including Armenia through Bosnia/Serbia in the 1990's and various coups in South and Central American countries as a pattern of jewish worldwide subversion. We discuss how the problems jews are causing Iranians today stems back to the 1970's when Bibi Netanyahu was saying the same thing about Iran threatening Israel with nukes as he is today. We additionally discuss China, Big Bolshevik Tech, Aryan comedy and much, much more. Richard Kary also contributes to the conversation. Originally from the U.S.A., William currently resides in and broadcasts from South Africa, where he has been living for the past five years. ~