At Revision Media we provide an independent talk radio broadcasting platform and online publication for people maintaining sovereignty through exchange of information, perspectives and ideas.

–Richard Kary is the host of Arcane Semantics, founder of Revision Media and an astute observer of the social engineering which encompasses our society. Having identified and resisted many of the dogmatic, ideological control mechanisms since an early age, Richard has traveled from technological and underground music culture through research of the philosophical, psychological and metaphysical disciplines. Humanity must acheive a merging of scientific and metaphysic to progress any further. The preservation of knowledge is of the utmost concern, on behalf of both those among this epoch as well as for those who shall come after. ~

–Steven Douglas Whitener is the host of In Plain Sight, an independent journalist, historical revisionist researcher and former corporate whistleblower. Steven has been a WWII revisionist since childhood and active in the truth movement for a number of years. Steven has previously worked for and later tried to expose a company called AquaTech. AquaTech were initially involved with illegal dumping in South Carolina around 1989-1990 and ultimately turned into a Superfund Site. Steven has since become an acute analyst of the control, perceptions and historical manipulations throughout our society and corporate infrastructure. ~

–Rollie Quaid is the host of Blackballed, a stark delve into the control mechanisms, social engineering and perpetuated illusions which we all confront on a daily basis. Rollie is a renowned journalist and writer, having published a considerable catalogue of articles. Rollie values liberty, free thought, will and expression, has been awakened to many of the conspiracies around us for nearly twenty years and has been an independent researcher in the truth movement for a number of years. Furthermore, Rollie works as a professional MMA Fighter and has cross-translated many skills from each of these disciplines to additionally suit the other. ~

–Graeme Sutherland is the host of 21st Century Jacobite and has been active in the truth movement for many years, maintaining many news and information websites and groups. Residing in Inverness, Scotland, Graeme advocates a sovereign lifestyle and describes himself as a revolutionist. Graeme is administrator of the Facebook group "The Real Worldwide Truth Movement" which has grown considerably over the past decade. Having previously hosted a show on another platform, Graeme now hones and consolidates his acquired skills and resources as we continue toward our future of transcendence, mental clarity and independence. ~

–Rosemairi MacLeod is the host of Voice of National Socialist Reason and a first generation American of European descent. Rosemairi is a unique and well-read Euro-centric researcher, journalist, National Socialist, and has been an advocate of pro-European issues and concerns for a number of years. Rosemairi advocates for a truly free Europe and her many European settled colonies. Through this broadcast Rosemairi hopes to spread the truth of the only nature-based message, National Socialism. ~

–William de Hewitt is a writer, journalist, author, editor, publisher and producer at de Hewitt House of Publications and Radio in affiliation with Revision Media who has been active in the independent media for a number of years. Originally from the U.S.A., William currently resides in South Africa, where he has been living for the past five years. William is aligned with the separatist perspective and selflessly dedicated to the situation, conditions and future of the Boers of South Africa. William ultimately pursues transmutation to a higher state of consciousness and being in the tradition of the ancient Aryan Gnostic. ~

–Willem Felderhof is a former commercial airline pilot and whistleblower on the presence of toxic elements in aviation generally known as the "Aerotoxic Syndrome." Willem is also the organizer of the Open Mind Conferences in the Netherlands. As a Dutch citizen Willem is very concerned about the direction in which his country and enslaved humanity in general are heading. The Netherlands, like most other European countries, is no longer a sovereign country but rather has been hijacked and occupied by imperialistic forces with dark agendas. Willem realizes that the enemy is within – that our beloved countries have been attacked, infiltrated and taken over by a vicious parasitic virus. "Real healing can only begin when a proper diagnosis of the causal factors which have led to the current diseased condition has been made, so that they can be understood and neutralized. The parasitic influences which control and manipulate humanity through relentless social engineering can only be battled from a higher state of consciousness and through raising our collective level of awareness. Only from a higher state of consciousness is it possible in these difficult times to see the enormous challenges we face as opportunities for liberation rather than obstacles which lead to misery and suffering." Sharing information and uniting is crucial in this effort – hence my effort to share information here on Revision Media in my weekly show "Lowlands Logos." ~