Andrew Joyce – Infiltrators of Western Civilization

Revelation – January 20, 2021


–This airing we have Andrew Joyce joining us. Andrew Joyce [Ph.D.] is a historian who documents and explores the role of Jewish influence, both currently and historically. Andrew is author of the book "Talmud and Taboo" and a writer for The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly, which provide in-depth articles on Western history and culture. Andrew has written articles from a variety of perspectives, including intellectual history, evolutionary biology, behavior genetics, and both religious and ethnic studies. We discuss a number of currently relevant issues regarding Judaic power, control, totalitarianism, censorship and Jewish supremacy across the economic, academic, social and political landscapes. Some related topics are also included. Callers are welcome to contribute. This weekly radio show broadcasts live every Wednesday from London, England, transmitting independent philosophy, news and perspectives. Paul advocates an independent lifestyle encompassing nationalist and traditionalist values. Revelation featuring Paul Edward Stevenson ~