E. Michael Jones – Revolutionary Censorship

Revelation – July 9, 2020


–This airing we have E. Michael Jones once again joining us. E. Michael Jones is an American writer, former professor at Saint Mary's College in Indiana and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine (formerly Fidelity Magazine). Jones began as an author of issues dealing with the Catholic Church from a traditional Catholic perspective and has been critical of the Second Vatican Council's consequences for Western civilization as a whole. He also writes on topics such as the argued decline of Western culture and the Culture Wars; Cultural Marxism, the Bauhaus School of architecture, as well as the mindset of modernism and postmodernism generally. Perhaps his best known work is The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History. We discuss recent developments within this revolutionary movement toward communism and censorship, including censorship of religious freedom of expression. E. Michael Jones has experienced the deletion of his YouTube channel this past week – Describing this through a Facebook post in E. Michael Jones' own words: "We all knew this day was coming... YouTube has finally banned my account, deleting hundreds of videos, millions of views, and 60.7k subscribers... gone in an instant. They can try to censor me, but nobody can censor Logos. Jesus Christ did not need YouTube to spread the Word." This weekly radio show broadcasts live every Thursday from London, England, transmitting independent philosophy, news and perspectives. Paul Edward Stevenson advocates an independent lifestyle encompassing nationalist and traditionalist values. Revelation featuring Paul Edward Stevenson ~