Angel Brain & Charlie Bass – The Aerotoxic Syndrome

Lowland's Logos – March 17, 2019


–This airing we have Angel Brain & Charlie Bass joining us. Angel Brain is a researcher, educator, former senior air stewardess with Gulf Air, Aerotoxic survivor of twenty-six years and campaigner for eleven years. Angel is the Foundress of Flightoxic International, raising awareness for the contaminated cabin air issue and assisting those affected by Aerotoxic Syndrome. Angel had been the British protagonist featured in, as well as involved in the making and filming of the independent award-winning documentary film 'Unfiltered Breathed In' The truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome (TVB Media). Charlie Bass has 15 years experience as an aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, and therefore has a full understanding of aircraft operational systems. Charlie is fully qualified in nuclear biological and chemical defense, biological nerve agents and their effects on the human body. Charlie had been appointed by a Secretary of State in the UK to the OFCOM advisory council (the independent body overseeing the activities of the UK's communications regulator). Following the death of his son, British Airways aircrew Matthew Bass in January 2014, Charlie has been actively campaigning on the toxic cabin air front, spending four years in a legal process with Matt's coroner's hearing, which acted as the catalyst for 'Unite the Union' based in the UK which Matt was a member of, to take up Matt's case and 120 other cases by those affected by contaminated air. Taking the airlines and CAA to court, this is currently in progress. We discuss the Aerotoxic Syndrome, the enormous suffering this cover-up is causing, what it is as well as what the causes are and what you can do to protect yourself. We discuss how the industry regulator, the industry it regulates and government operate/collude for mutual benefit, which reflects exactly what is happening today within the aviation sector and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)/ European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) governments and airlines. We are joined by some callers, Ap and Annie Van de Kraats. ~