Brian Ruhe & Frank Raymond – Strategies Against Genocide

Falling Dominoes – October 26, 2020


–This airing we have Brian Ruhe and Frank Raymond joining us. Brian's life and direction had radically changed from being a Buddhist teacher to a leader in the truth movement. Brian Ruhe is the author of the book, A Short Walk on an Ancient Path – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth. Brian has an insight into Buddhism and meditation which can only be achieved through seriously practicing and studying in a Tibetan Buddhist Centre, was a monk in Thailand, and was employed full time as the public relations official for a Chinese Pure Land Buddhist temple. Brian has seen the best and the worst of a variety of traditions from the inside looking out and he can be more honest than the lineage holders of most traditions. Brian has taught at community colleges, universities and adult education courses in greater Vancouver since 1996 and over 15,000 people have attended his classes and weekend meditation retreats. In 2015 B'nai Brith ended Brian's public teaching career using their powerful influence. The defining feature of Frank Raymond's life is a duality: Frank has absorbed Western culture and lived in the West in his youth, but Frank was born an East Indian and has lived most of his life in India and Bangladesh. Frank has lived the great divide which exists between these two worlds, and in the broader sense, between all races and cultures. Frank is uniquely positioned to appreciate the distinct identity of the various races of the world, an identity which encompasses the soul of a folk. In this age of enforced globalization and the transformation of the West by means of multiculturalism, it is essential that everyone understand the value of every distinct race, nation and culture, and stand against the destruction of any one of them. That is the lesson which Frank has learned in the course of his life story. Richard Kary and co-host William Repillem also contribute to the conversation. Callers are welcome to contribute. This weekly radio show broadcasts live every Monday transmitting independent radio. Gregory is a journalist, researcher, amateur WW2 revisionist, musician and has been active in the truth movement for a number of years. Knocking down one single domino with truth through independent journalism might very well begin a chain reaction the likes of which our overlords throughout the western world could never even imagine, toppling the entire set of unjust foreign wars, communist ideologies and Bolshevik tactics. Falling Dominoes with Gregory McGill ~