Monika Schaefer – Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust

Falling Dominoes – June 29, 2020


–This airing we have Monika Schaefer joining us. On the 17th of June 2016, Monika went through a door. Monika had released a short video on a taboo subject. The video was entitled "Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust". A few days later Monika had released the German edition entitled "Entschuldigung Mama, ich hatte Unrecht was den Holocaust betrifft". Quite a storm erupted after the release of the video. It was translated into 3 different languages within the first 4 days, and the speed of rising view counts took her breath away. Almost as swiftly as the positive comments streamed in, the predictable backlash began. The ferocity of the attack is a sign that her message is a grave threat to the powers-that-be. Monika's brother Alfred Schaefer is currently 2 years into serving a 4-year prison sentence in Germany for telling the truth about World War II. The awakening of the people is happening at an exponential rate - It is unstoppable. Monika's goal is Peace. What we have now is war and turmoil in a world structured by lies and deception. This is Monika's humble contribution in our common struggle to bring an end to the tyrannical forces which seek to enslave us. Richard Kary, John Church and co-host William Repillem also contribute to the conversation. Callers are welcome to contribute. This weekly radio show broadcasts every Monday transmitting independent live radio. Gregory is a journalist, researcher, amateur WW2 revisionist, musician and has been active in the truth movement for a number of years. Knocking down one single domino with truth through independent journalism might very well begin a chain reaction the likes of which our overlords throughout the western world could never even imagine, toppling the entire set of unjust foreign wars, communist ideologies and Bolshevik tactics. Falling Dominoes with Gregory McGill ~