Steven D. Kelley – Getty Museum, Underground Bases & N.W.O.

Arcane Semantics – August 5, 2020


–This airing we have Steven D. Kelley joining us. Steven is the station owner/manager at Truth Cat Radio, launched in July 2016. Prior to that Steven has had an established internet radio show [The Steven D. Kelley Show] for a number of years with both Revolution Radio and American Freedom Radio. Steven has owned and operated multiple successful laser technology companies, previously been a civilian C.I.A. /N.S.A. contractor and later a whistleblower due to these affiliations. Steven has been a significant influence at in-person conventions, seminars, lectures and frequently presented commentaries on Press TV and RT as an independent analyst, researcher and journalist. We discuss a number of topics including Steven's past experiences, economic lockdown perception, independent media, geopolitics, social engineering and the global power structure. Some additional topics are also included. John Church in SC also contributes to the conversation. Arcane Semantics with Richard Kary ~