Steven Douglas Whitener – Economic Lockdown

Arcane Semantics – April 15, 2020


–This airing we have Steven Douglas Whitener once again joining us. Steven has been a host on Revision Media, is an independent journalist, historical revisionist researcher and former corporate whistleblower. Steven has been a WWII revisionist since childhood and active in the truth movement for a number of years. Steven has previously worked for and later tried to expose a company called AquaTech. AquaTech were initially involved with illegal dumping in South Carolina around 1989-1990 and ultimately turned into a Superfund Site. Steven has since become an acute analyst of the control, perceptions and historical manipulations throughout our society and corporate infrastructure. We discuss the science of viruses, science of vaccines, some testimonials from doctors, current social climate, pandemic panic and economic implications of these precedents. Some related topics are also included. ~