Nicholas Landholt & Chris Dorsey – Constitutional Militia

Arcane Semantics – December 18, 2019


–This airing we have Nicholas Landholt and Chris Dorsey joining us. Nicholas- whom some libertarians call "The Militia Guy"- is a radio host, has served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, ran for Congress in 2016 on the Libertarian Party of Texas ticket, pays no income taxes and advocates for state militias to defend against tyranny. Chris is a journalist, analyst, economist, writer, researcher and political activist. Chris is a member of the Constitutional Virginia Militia and author of the book: "The Militia Handbook." We discuss the definition of the Constitutional Militia and developments currently underway in Virginia. We also consider the philosophical, moral and legal attributes and implications of a functional militia and the 2nd Amendment. Some related topics are also included. Alexandra in MO, Clifford in CA, Charles in DE, David Dauterive in LA and Johnny in TX also contribute to the conversation. ~