James Fetzer – Free Speech, Social Engineering & Psychological Operations

Arcane Semantics – November 20, 2019


–This airing we have James Fetzer once again joining us. James is a former marine, university professor and publisher on a wide range of topics including the philosophy of science, the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, evolution, cognition and his applied philosophical research on the death of JFK. James is also the editor of the book: "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook." We discuss recent Sandy Hook court trial updates, motives and ongoing agendas which target public perception through manipulative media spin headline sound bites. Earlier this month, Wisconsin jury ordered James Fetzer to pay $450,000 in compensatory damages to the alleged victim's father, plaintiff Leonard Pozner citing defamatory claims made about the forgery of his alleged son Noah Pozner's death certificate. Fetzer noted that the judge's decision to grant the motion for summary judgement precluded him from presenting the extensive evidence he compiled to support his theory that Sandy Hook was a government hoax. "Nobody has ever heard of a crime scene where there was pizza and bottled water," Fetzer said. Some additional topics are included. Steven Douglas Whitener also contributes to the conversation. ~